Woman left disgusted after peach purchase from Sainsbury’s

The last thing this woman expected to find in her food was an earwig…

Lisa Goldsmith, of Sutton, was eating a peach when she felt something crawling in her mouth last week.

The full-time carer said she was left feeling sick after she had to pull the creepy-crawly out of her mouth.

Lisa shared a video of the bug on social media – in a bid to warn others to check their fruit.

She wrote on Facebook: “So brought these peaches from Sutton Sainsbury’s and as I was eating it I felt something in my mouth. I pulled it out I found out it was this bug absolutely disgusting.”

In response to her complaint, a spokesperson from Sainsbury’s said: “We’ve apologised to Lisa for her experience and provided a refund.

“Incidents like this are extremely rare and our suppliers have controls in place to prevent this from happening.”

Lisa claims the supermarket chain have since amended the apology gift card price from £6 to £10.

Speaking to Sutton Guardian, she said: “I wasn’t really happy with the response they gave me, as I thought they didn’t take me seriously enough.

“I told them what if I had swallowed it and had an allergic reaction?

“I will definitely not be buying any fruit or veg from them or any fresh produce.

“I know it isn’t their fault, but they also told me they had strict quality control when clearly they don’t.”

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