What were the main successes of the League of Nations?

What were the main successes of the League of Nations?

The League had failed its primary purpose to prevent any future world war. The League lasted for 26 years.

The league of nations was established to maintain peace in the world and to prevent any future world war but it proved weak and failed miserable.

Despite failing to achieve its primary aim, which was to prevent future wars, the League of Nations had some success.

The League of Nations got refugees and former prisoners back to their former countries. The League took home half a million prisoners of war from World War One. The League set up camps and fed Turkish refugees

The League settled the Swedish-Finnish dispute over the Åland Islands in 1920–1921. Sweden and Finland accepted the League’s arbitration to give the Aaland Islands back to Finland.

The League of Nations also introduced a limit hour of 48 hours per week and 8 hours per day, which improved generally the working conditions of the workers.

So, the League of Nations was successful in tackling small issues in the 1920s, such as stopping minor wars and improving people’s lives.

The League of Nations lasted for 26 years and had some successes despite failing to avert international aggression.

It did, however, lay the groundwork for the subsequent creation of the United Nations. The United Nations replaced the League of Nations after the end of the Second World War in 1946 and inherited a number of agencies and organizations created by the League Nations.