Special Schools in Harrow

Special Schools in Harrow

Alexandra School
Alexandra Avenue
HeadteacherMs Perdy Buchanan-Barrow
Harrow Chair of GovernorsMrs Susan Stalley
Telephone 020 8864 2739
Fax 020 8864 9336
Email: office@alexandra-school.co.uk
Web address: www.alexandra-school.co.uk
Alexandra School is a primary school, located in Harrow, for children with special educational needs.
Alexandra School provide a friendly and caring environment in which children feel valued and secure. The curriculum is rich,
broad and challenging to bring out every child’s unique talents. Alexandra School was judged ‘Outstanding’
by OFSTED for the third time in a row in March 2013.

Kingsley High School
Whittlesea Road
HeadteacherMrs Hazel Paterson
Harrow Chair of GovernorsMr Jeff Anderson
Telephone 020 8421 3676
Fax 020 8515 8209
Email: office@kingsley.harrow.sch.uk
Web address: www.kingsley.harrow.sch.uk

Shaftesbury High School
Headstone Lane
HeadteacherMr Paul Williams
Harrow Chair of GovernorsCllr Jean Lammiman
Telephone: 020 8428 2482
Fax: 020 8420 2361
Email: adminoffice@shaftesbury.harrow.sch.uk
Web address: www.shaftesbury.harrow.sch.uk
Shaftesbury is a special needs school located in the London borough of Harrow.

At Shaftesbury there is capacity for approximately 160 students, aged between 11 and 19, with learning, emotional,
behavioural, autistic, communication, medical, physical, sensory and social needs.

Woodlands School
Bransgrove Road
HeadteacherMr John Feltham
Edgware Chair of GovernorsMrs Annmarie Taylor-Kent
Telephone: 020 8381 2188
Fax: 020 8731 2360
Email: office@woodlands.harrow.sch.uk
Web address: www.woodlands.harrow.sch.uk