Special Schools in Brent

Special Schools in Brent

Manor School
General information
Type Primary , Special Needs
Address Chamberlayne Road,
Kensal Rise,
NW10 3NT
DfE number304 – 7006
Telephone020 8968 3160
Fax020 8968 3075
Email admin@manor.brent.sch.uk
Website http://www.manorschoolbrent.co.uk/
Gender Mixed
Age range 4 – 11
Head teacherMs Jayne Jardine

Phoenix Arch School
General information
Type Special Needs Address Drury Way,
NW10 0NQ
DfE number304 – 7005
Telephone020 8451 6961
Fax020 8830 1352
Email admin@phoenixarch.brent.sch.uk
Gender Mixed
Age range 5 – 11
Head teacherMs Jude Towell

The Village School
General information
Type Special Needs
Address Grove Park
DfE number304 – 7009
Telephone020 8204 5396
Fax020 8905 0971
Email office@tvs.brent.sch.uk
Website http://www.tvs.brent.sch.uk
GenderMixedAge range2 – 19
Head teacherMs Kay Johnson

Woodfield Secondary School
General information
Type Special Needs
Address Glenwood Avenue,
DfE number304 – 7000
Telephone020 8205 1977
Fax020 8205 5877
Email rekha@woodfield.brent.sch.uk
Website http://www.woodfield.brent.sch.uk
Gender Mixed
Age range 11 – 16
Head teacherMs Desi Lodge-Patch

Children with special educational needs have learning difficulties that make it harder for them to learn
than other children of their age. Without exception, al children have their learning assessed by their school or early years setting.

Your child may have special educational needs (SEN) if:

1. They struggle with schoolwork and find it hard to keep up in class
2. They have difficulty reading, writing or understanding information
3. They have difficulty expressing themselves or understanding what others are saying
4. They have sensory or physical needs that may affect them at school.

It is not unusual for children to have a special educational need (SEN) of some kind during their school lives.
For most children this will be short-term and can be met within the school or with advice and support from outside professionals.
Schools and other organisations can help most children overcome the barriers if their difficulties are discovered early.

However, some children may need extra help for some or all of their time in school and in some cases these children will
need a statement of special educational needs. It is very important for parents and carers to work closely with staff in schools
and the local authority to get the best for children with Sspecial educational need (SEN).