Sir Bill Wiggin ignores that drivers are pedestrians too

Bill Wiggin colourfully asserted last week that “the Greens are making war on drivers” (Talking point, August 24). Perhaps he hasn’t realised that for 95 per cent of the time the average driver is not in their car. They may actually want to walk around or sit and enjoy a drink outside in the historic streets around Leominster’s Corn Square. They may not want to breathe in the fumes of cars queuing next to them with their engines running while they wait for a free parking space.

What are your thoughts?

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Leominster has several cheap car parks less than 100 yards from the town centre. Plus a Shopmobility in Central Car Park where people can borrow walking aids and buggies to get around our compact and flat town. Two former mayors of the town are much involved in running it, knowing its importance for visitors from near and far.


In the previous Herefordshire Council administration Councillor Ellie Chowns arranged small start up grants for local car clubs. Leominster Carshare now has three cars and welcomes more members. National schemes like Hiyacar mean anyone can now rent out their own car or rent a car so that overall the nation’s cars are better used.

Let’s always remember that drivers are pedestrians too!

Trish Marsh


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