Secret Food Tours Camden Market: Food stalls & where to eat

Sprawling across Buck Street, canal-side Hawley Wharf and the historic Lock and Stables, Camden Market spreads across 16 acres. A Secret Food Tour will take you past the market’s iconic sights and buildings, sampling many of the market’s independent food stalls along the way.

With a seemingly endless supply of food choices, the tours pluck out some of the best, most interesting and unusual restaurants, stalls and traders for you to sample, so you can discover dishes such as Yorkshire pudding wraps and stilton ice-cream.

Camden Market has many great venues to try, but here are the traders and restaurants discovered on a recent Secret Food Tour.


Richmond and Twickenham Times: Camden Market Buck StreetCamden Market Buck Street (Image: Zita Whalley)

Camden Market Buck Street

Meathead Mexican

The line is *always* shorter in the Buck Street outpost of Meathead Mexican. That means you can get your hands on a birria taco quicker; a slightly messy but delicious taco made with melt-melt-in-your-mouth goat, covered in multiple spicy salsas and sauces and a squeeze of lime.

Yorkshire Burrito

Not all foods are pretty, but as long as they taste delicious, who cares? Yorkshire Burrito’s Yorkshire pudding wrap is a roast, rolled into a wrap. It is complete with stuffing, gravy and all the trimmings, just as any good roast should be.

Camden Market Lock


Richmond and Twickenham Times: The world famous Camden LockThe world famous Camden Lock (Image: Zita Whalley)


A boutique halva store which has more varieties of the sesame-based treat than you thought was ever possible. Sweet, nutty and chalky, try the coffee and cardamom halva or the zaatar one.


Half Hitch Gin micro distillery

Camden Lock was once the epicentre of London’s boozy gin heart, with 20 acres of warehouse space, stretching out to where the Roundhouse now stands, dedicated to the stuff. Half Hitch is tiny, but still a functioning distillery which brews a couple of different fiery styles of gin to get your blood pumping.

Camden Market Hawley Wharf


Richmond and Twickenham Times: head to Three Uncles at Hawley Wharf for Cantonese-style BBQ meatshead to Three Uncles at Hawley Wharf for Cantonese-style BBQ meats (Image: Zita Whalley)

A’do’Re Fritto

Maybe you didn’t know fried pizza was a thing, or maybe you think it sounds a bit much. It’s not. Somewhere between a calzone, toasted sandwich and a pasty, these Napoli style pizzas are everything you like about a pizza, but jazzier. The Scots can have their deep-fried Mars bars.

Three Uncles

This outfit brings delicious Hong Kong street food to London. Specialising in Cantonese-style meat, the stall’s char siu sou  – pies stuffed with sweet, pungent char siu-style pork – are so tasty, you’ll want another, even though by this point, you’re stuffed.

Camden Market Stables


Richmond and Twickenham Times: Stilton ice cream anyone? Stilton ice cream anyone? (Image: Zita Whalley)

The Cheese Bar

British cheese is not just all about the cheddar, and this proudly all-British bar really drills that home. Here, you’ll find pairings you’ve never thought of, but work. Goats cheese and Turkish delight? Yes, it’s very good. What about stilton ice-cream? It might be a little weird on its own, but when you add a port pour over to it, it goes together like, well, cheese and wine.

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