New service launched to battle vape litter in Herefordshire

Vaping retailer VPZ has teamed up with WasteCare to launch the recycling service for vaping devices and e-cigarettes in Hereford.

Vapes contain lithium batteries and plastic and when littered they can cause harm to the local environment.

Now, VPZ in partnership with WasteCare has announced ambitions to responsibly recycle all kinds of vaping devices during 2023.


The service is now live in the whole VPZ’s network of over 150 shops throughout the UK, including Hereford and is open to all vapers to visit and dispose safely of their vaping devices or e-cigarettes.

All recycling processes will be handled by WasteCare which will be responsible for safely collecting, treating, and recovering disposable vapes and reusable hardware devices from within its plant in Elland, West Yorkshire.

Director Doug Mutter believes the innovative recycling service will help clean up local environments throughout the country whilst educating vapers on being responsible and using more sustainable vaping products.

He said: “We are excited to be launching this ground-breaking service with WasteCare to respond to an emerging environmental issue.

“Any form of littering is unacceptable however the proliferation of disposable vape use has led to single-use devices being discarded in local environments.

“Our partnership with WasteCare responds to this challenge head on and vapers can come into our stores to recycle their vape devices, both disposable and reusable, in a safe and responsible way.

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“Our service will also help us engage with adult smokers and vapers to educate them on the sustainable and environmental benefits of using reusable products.”

“With the growing demand for vapes and e-cigarettes, we are delighted that VPZ is leading the way in providing a safe and environmentally sound way to tackle what is becoming a major challenge,” said Peter Hunt, managing director of Wastecare.

“WasteCare is the UK’s only permitted recycler of portable batteries. Every vape contains a lithium battery and our plant is designed to safely recover the precious material from the vaping device, as well as the metal and plastic components in it.”

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