National Highways apologises for A49 road markings blunder

Drivers travelling between Hereford and Ross-on-Wye on the A49 noticed the speed limit incorrectly painted on the road in Peterstow over the weekend. The road markings say the speed limit is “50” while the signs say “40”.

The speed limit on the stretch of A49 running through Peterstow has previously been 40 miles per hour, with a 50-mile-per-hour stretch in the neighbouring village Winters Cross.


Although National Highways has apologised for the mistake, it said it will need to look into how the error occurred.

National Highways route manager Joseph Walmsley said: “We will be rectifying this error as quickly as possible and are hoping to repaint the road with the correct limit tonight (April 22), weather permitting.”

He added: “We are sorry for this mistake and will be revisiting our processes to see how this occurred.”


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