Marble Arch’s SOUND Café: Live music and brilliant service

Immediately, one is struck by the room’s centrepiece — a bar illuminated by a stunning, colour-shifting rainbow top which appears to pulsate in harmony with the ambient lighting.

This transformative backdrop elicits a wonderfully vibrant atmosphere, matched only by the live musicians that grace the stage each night.

The stage served as another focal point of the room with a host of talented entertainers consistently scheduled.

During my visit, Natalie Lindi’s voice offered a wide range and it dawned on me just how high the bar had been set for the calibre of entertainers this venue hosts.

She had the soulful voice of an angel and was singing hits that threw me back to the best days of the 90s and 00s.

Its essence remained undeniably rooted in music, even between live performances, with the air filled by music videos maintaining its legacy, as it was formerly a Hard Rock Café.

Nestled inside a hotel, SOUND Cafe also exuded a certain strain of relaxation you’d associate with a hotel’s chill-out area and also had a great looking sports bar.

Our waiter, Leo, had an exceptional sense of humour, attentiveness, and prowess at offering drink recommendations and being a excellent company that perfectly complimented the vibe.

Alongside Leo, we were also served by a cat robot which brought dishes to the tables, particularly those seated with children.

Your Local Guardian: SOUND Café which is a stone’s throw away from London's Marble Arch SOUND Café which is a stone’s throw away from London’s Marble Arch (Image: Amy C)

It was such a fun and quirky addition and whilst the robots sometimes got stuck near the tables, it was so amusing to watch them bring food to customers and battle their way around the venue.

My entrée consisted of juicy corn ribs, complete with two stunning dips (Blue cheese and BBQ) that set the stage for a promising meal.

My partner chose wonderfully thick, high-quality chicken strips and we also had a four gorgeous cocktails — with my highlights being a Mai Tai and a sweet yet potent blue pina colada.

Unfortunately, the main course didn’t quite live up to the hype crafted by the earlier courses.

My steak had a substantial trim of fat and the meal as a whole took some effort to chew despite being medium rare and was served with lukewarm unseasoned chips, somewhat redeemed by a chimichurri sauce.

Your Local Guardian: SOUND Café which is a stone’s throw away from London's Marble Arch SOUND Café which is a stone’s throw away from London’s Marble Arch (Image: Amy C)

The lack of accompanying sauce rendered my partner’s burger quite dry, and there need for something to elevate its overall flavour.

We did get a promising side of onion rings though – with the sides and the starters being the highlight of the meal.

Desserts were also definitely not a letdown as I enjoyed a sizeable brownie topped with a scoop of flavour-packed toffee ice cream.

My partner indulged in a hefty slice of a tangy lemon tart that we both found incredibly enjoyable.

It’s clear there is a lot to love about the venue and it might be that we wouldn’t choose a beef option next time.

The place is a rendezvous of good music, classic American-style dishes and impeccable cocktails.

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