Heavy traffic in Hereford, including Holme Lacy Road

However, tonight’s drive home would have been even more frustrating for many.

Holme Lacy Road was gridlocked from the Straight Mile to the Broadleys pub, with the journey taking around 30 minutes. 


There was no apparent cause for the heavy traffic, although the lights by the pub did seem to change quicker than normal. 

And once drivers did eventually get onto Ross Road, there was more traffic to navigate up to the Asda lights. 

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Thankfully, as of 6pm, the traffic seems to have eased on Holme Lacy Road according to Google Maps. However, it still looks heavy on Ross Road. 

Hereford Times:

Other key routes in the city that are still reportedly busy include Edgar Street, Newtown Road, and Aylestone Hill.

Belmont Road – which is notoriously busy – looks to be fine, with only light traffic.

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