Woman drives into teenager who tried to stop her moments after hit-and-run

A woman drove straight at a teenager who tried to stop her moments after she hit another car.

Kasper Olenski, 17, watched on as he saw two women walk towards each other following a crash.

It is believed a woman was driving the wrong way out of Watford business park, near Croxley, when she hit the car of a 32-year-old woman who was travelling in the opposite direction last Wednesday.

It happened near the junction of Greenhill Crescent and Caxton Way close to Pump Gyms.

As the victim got out to exchange details, the other driver began driving away mounting the kerb.

Kasper, who had been accompanying his fiancé to a job interview, made an attempt to stop her getting away but she floored it, driving into his right leg sending him over the bonnet. She then sped off out of the business park.

Fortunately Kasper and the female driver whose car was hit were both uninjured.

Speaking after the event, Kasper said: “I tried to do a good deed but it backfired. The woman definitely saw me but she just floored it and hit me before driving off.”

Anyone who witnesses what happened is asked to contact police quoting crime reference 41/29934 /18.

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