TikTok puts London and New York head to head: Who wins?

The two iconic and dream destinations for many are arguably the most popular destinations in the world. 

Both offer similar experiences, with bustling busy streets, endless attractions, great food and drink options and distinctive native people. 

Although London and New York share many similarities, only one can be named the best, and now a TikTok account is working out which is worthy of the title.

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London vs New York, TikTok decides where’s better

TikTok account Urban Stories is looking into both regions and comparing what they have on offer. 

Breaking down the destinations into categories, the creator compares their green spaces, food and transport system.

Starting with green spaces, it’s agreed that both New York and London offer good amounts of open park space with trees and grass.

But Urban Stories does make the point that New York is called the ‘concrete jungle’ for a reason as they shared that London is “actually made up of 62% green space versus New York’s 14%.”

They added that although New York is home to Central Park, London has plenty more parks that are evenly distributed across the city.

This made London the clear winner for the first round as the TikTok user declared, “When it comes to green areas, the score is 1-0 to London.”


London vs New York City – Metro System #london #newyork #nyc #tube #subway #underground #londonunderground

♬ original sound – Urban Stories

The second category focused on the beating hearts of both designations, the transport system, or as Urban Stories described it, ‘the metro system’.

Both have well-developed transport systems that can get you anywhere, but there is one very big difference. 

The TikTok user shared the price difference, finding that a New York subway service costs $2.75 no matter when and where you travel for 24 hours. 

Meanwhile, London prices for the Tube start at £2.40 and rise to £3.90 depending on the zone and journey, making it nearly $5 for a journey.

However, London did still get points for the tube being much safer and looking “much more fabulous”, making the score 2-0.

@urbanstoriesyt London vs New York City – Food #london #newyork #newyorkcity #food #newyorkvslondon ♬ original sound – Urban Stories

Last but not least, Urban Stories compared New York’s food with London’s offering. 

Steering away from the fine dining choices, the TikTok creator focused on “regular meals that an average Londoner or New York eats for lunch every day.”

Basing their comparison on surveys, a Londoner’s most regular lunch is a typical meal deal (sandwich, crisps and drink).

Meanwhile, the typical lunch in New York consists of a slice of pizza or a hotdog and maybe a bagel.

With tight competition for both, only one could win the round, or could they, as Urban Stories decided neither was worthy. 

Keeping the score at 2-0, London is the official winner, but what do you think is the worthy champion?

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