These are the most popular London markets to visit this year

Research by Capital on Tap analysed 30 markets from across the UK on various factors, like the number of days open, monthly search demand for each market, and average Google ratings, to reveal the most-loved markets.

Topping the list as the UK’s favourite is Camden Market.

As the largest market in London, Camden Market attracts 165,000 monthly Google searches and boasts of 116,900 Google reviews.

Open seven days a week, Camden also scores an impressive 4.6 on the average Google rating.

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Following suit in second place, with an average Google rating of 4.4, is London’s Portobello Road market.

This vibrant market spot sees the second-highest number of Google reviews at 21,832, as well as 49,500 monthly searches.

The study also highlighted the less well-known Venn Street Market, which sees a mere 590 monthly searches, and has only 177 Google reviews.

Despite that, the market maintains a credible 4.5 rating on Google and promises to be a hidden gem away from the crowded city’s hotspots.

In the age of social media, each of the markets’ popularity on Instagram formed part of the study’s findings.

Camden Market topped all, with 502,000 posts tagged with ‘#CamdenMarket’, while Portobello Road Market stands second with 167,938 hashtags.

Both markets also revel in popularity on TikTok , with Camden acquiring around 238 million hashtag views and Portobello Road amassing 6.7 million hashtag views.

Kamilla Fernandes-Pickett, marketing and communications senior manager at Capital on Tap, said: “Whether you’re an experienced micro-business, or just stepping into the world of commerce, street markets can be great exposure for your brand or product.

“The first market day can be a little overwhelming, but there’s a few simple steps you can take to ease the process and enhance your experience.”

The first step she recommended was choosing “the right audience”, underlining the importance of extensive market research and audience targeting for effective product positioning.

Considering logistics, she suggested that while most markets typically provide a basic table, traders must focus on turning the plain stand into an attractive selling point by considering aspects like signage, offering a variety of products and giving an ear to customer feedback for product improvement.

Ms Fernandes-Pickett concluded: “Even if the first market day doesn’t go as well as you hoped, don’t give up — it might take a couple of tries before you see success.”

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