Tawhid Boys School

Tawhid Boys School
21 Cazenove Road,
London N16 6PA
Telephone: 020 88062999
Website: http://www.tawhid.org.uk

Tawhid Boys School, Tawhid Educational Trust, we aim to provide our students with: A high standard of academic and Islamic education. A safe and secure learning environment in which all members of the school community can achieve their best. An outstanding Curriculum which inspires our pupils and enables all  our students to acquire understanding, knowledge and skills appropriate to equip them for the 21st Century. Learning experiences, which challenge, build self-esteem and confidence and so enable our students to take up their responsibilities as adults and members of society. At Tawhid, the highest priority is given to the achievement of excellence that education extends beyond the ‘purely academic’, and students develop real Islamic morals, values and practice etiquette in their daily lives.

21 Cazenove Rd,Cazenove, London N16, UK