Swans hatch at Herefordshire’s Brinsop Court wedding venue

The team at Brinsop Court Manor, located just outside Hereford, have revealed that a brood of cygnets have made their home in the waters that surround the premises.

For months beforehand, staff have excitedly observed the swans of Brinsop preparing their nests, a spokesperson said. The team said they felt lucky to witness the process and are now appreciating the “added magic” that the cygnets have brought to their surroundings.


The presence of the newly-born birds is indicative of the venue’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and the preservation of natural beauty, the spokesperson added.

A little family swims on the venue's lakeA little family swims on the venue’s lake (Image: Brinsop Court)

They said that every effort is taken to ensure that the habitat of the cygnets is protected and nurtured.

Managing director Paula Lafaia, said: “It’s always a pleasure to arrive at Brinsop Court, but we’ve all felt a little more blessed for having the privilege of watching this little family grow.

“It’s a great excuse to step away from the screen and watch them, they can be rather entertaining at times.”

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