Surprise decision on ‘urban’ conversion plan for farm at Breinton

A Mrs McMinn of Warham Court Farm, Breinton first sought planning permission in early 2020 for the proposal at the farm, as well as listed building consent given that it adjoined, but did not include, a listed farmhouse.

The proposal drew 42 objections, and was passed to Herefordshire Council’s planning committee to decide on last Wednesday (July 26).


Breinton Parish Council member Emil Morfett told the committee the plan was “unsustainable” and that no economic justification had been given for it. With the likely extra traffic, “the roads to the farm will become no-go areas for walkers, runners and cyclists”, he said.

“Something stinks about this proposal, and it’s not just the cow muck shovelled out of those sheds on the banks of the river Wye,” he added.

For Broomy Hill Residents Association, Douglas Barrat said the increased traffic at the busy Broomy Hill / Barton Road junction, “the most dangerous in Hereford”, would be “totally unacceptable”.

“This would be an urban concept in a deeply rural area with no local demand, dreadful access and the likelihood of great disruption,” he said.


Local ward councillor Bob Matthews said he “full endorsed” the contributions of the two, adding that Broomy Hill Road already suffers from congestion and obstruction.

“We have vacant shops in town where businesses are sustainable and required,” he said.

The applicant’s agent Nick Carroll responded: “Our main objective is to diversify the current use and to safeguard the historic barn.

“We are not aware of any outstanding technical concerns regarding heritage, drainage or highways.”

However the proposal was all but unanimously rejected by the committee, on the basis of its scale, impact on the character of the area and on its highways, and the scheme’s reliance on car transport.

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