Study reveals most ‘spoiled’ dogs in south London

Dogs, so they say, are man’s best friend. But some owners go further than others in expressing their love for our canine companions.

And according to a new study, the results are in on just which types of dog are the most pampered when it comes to their humans’ spending habits.

Data compiled by pet merchandise website over the last year (April 2020-2021) studied some 300 popular breeds and over 450,000 individual dog profiles, looking at the highest average spend per breed and by region.

The authors concluded that several species in particular were at the front of the line when it came to how much money their humans were willing to spend on them.

The data revealed that the Doxiepoo, a hybrid mix of the Dachshund and Miniature Poodle, was the most ‘spoiled’ dog breed in both Croydon and Bromley .

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Meanwhile in Richmond, the similarly minute Maltipom came out as the most pampered breed in the borough.

Overall, the website’s research found that London’s most spoiled type of pooch was the Dandie Dinmont TerrierCool, described as “affectionate, playful, intelligent and companionable,” by the authors.

John Smith, founder of said: “Every dog deserves to be spoiled and enjoy the ‘ulti-mutt’ best life possible and our findings show which cities and regions are doing the most treating and which breeds are the most likely to be indulged.

“Following the explosion of new dog owners during the past year, we’re seeing owners wanting to spoil their pets more than ever and are treating their fur babies as human members of the family.”

The UK’s overall most-spoiled dog breed was found to be the Cavapoochon.

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