Simple Online Pregnancy Test

Simple Online Pregnancy Test: Am I Pregnant or not?Am I Pregnant?

This Simple Online Pregnancy Test will let you know if you are pregnant or not based on Pregnancy Symptoms and Signs.

Please Take This Simple Online Pregnancy Quiz. Based on early pregnancy symptoms, It will help you determine if your symptoms are Pregnancy Related and answers the question Am I pregnant or not?

• Is your period late?
• Are you feeling tired?
• Are you experiencing nausea?Pregnancy Symptoms
• Are your breasts tender?
• Are your breasts bigger?
• Are your nipples sore?
• Are you urinating more frequently?
• Are you having any unusual food cravings?
• Are you experiencing cramps in your abdomen?
• Have you experienced any bleeding?
• Have you experienced constipation?
• Do you suffer from headaches?
• Does your stomach feel bloated?

If you have experienced the above Symptoms, it is highly likely, you are Pregnant (Positive). To make sure you are Pregnant you need to take Pregnancy Tests.

There are two types of Pregnancy Tests: Urine Tests and Blood Tests.

Urine Tests: Urine Tests
Urine Tests can be done at home. Many women choose a home pregnancy test a week after a missed period. Home pregnancy test can give you a quick result and you can do it in private and convenient environment. After testing, you can confirm results by seeing your doctor.

Blood Tests:
Blood Tests are done at the hospital or clinic. Blood test will give you a reliable result. Blood test can detect pregnancy earlier than a home pregnancy test, but it often takes longer to get the results than a home pregnancy test.

Pregnancy test kit: Pregnancy test kit
Pregnancy test kit can be bought over the counter ( Drugstores and Supermarkets). You can also buy them online. Popular brands include: Accuclear, Clearblue, First Response.