Premier League updates & Henderson on Ajax move

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Gary O’Neil has been a real breath of fresh air.

Wolves have got resources, they play with confidence and they have also been able to sit in at times and withhold pressure.

O’Neil would like to go into the transfer market to strengthen a couple of areas but he knows he is limited on funds. He might have to move a few out to do that, and that is what he’s looking to do.

At the beginning of the season, people did not think Wolves had a chance and they could be the ones looking at relegation after his late arrival meant he did not get pre-season with them.

But he has moved a few [players] around and got some results. His squad is looking stronger but I still think he needs a bit of help.

He needs a couple of players who can play how he wants rather than him looking at the squad and having to adapt to them.

Michael Brown was speaking to BBC Sport’s Katie Stafford

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