Morden girl dies after Christmas drink-driving crash

Lillie Clack, 22, went to Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland with pals on Christmas Eve before heading to the pub.

She accepted a lift home with drunk driver Charlie Hilton, then 25, who loaded the car with five passengers and sped off at 100mph when he was spotted by police.

“Selfish” Hilton was chased by police before his Mercedes hit a tree, flipped over and burst into flames early on December 25 2021.

Your Local Guardian: Lillie and mum DebbieLillie and mum Debbie (Image: SWNS)

Lillie, a kitchen designer, was rushed to hospital while police knocked on her mum Debbie’s door to break the news.

Her mum, Debbie, 52, and her family spent Christmas Day watching Lillie fight for her life, and she died three days later.

Hilton was jailed for 10 years and six months after pleading guilty to causing Lillie’s death by dangerous driving, three counts of causing serious injury, failing to stop when directed and driving above the alcohol limit.

Heartbroken Debbie is now campaigning for Lillie’s Law – so all drunk drivers who kill have their licences revoked permanently.

Debbie said she is not celebrating Christmas and will spend Christmas Day with her family in Lillie’s garden.

Debbie, a healthcare professional, from Morden, south London, said: “The little girl I brought into the world has died.

“That is something that a parent should have to endure – looking at your baby with all those machines on her and not breathing.

“It is a picture I will carry for the rest of my life.

“We are campaigning for Lillie’s law.

“We want driving licences to be suspended on the day of the crash and then if they are found guilty they have their licence taken off them for life.

“Lillie’s killer will be able to drive in 10 years’ time.

“Don’t drink and drive, if you think you are going to drink leave your car at home.

“Don’t think after three drinks you will be ok, think of the people you might be driving, think of those innocent people you will be putting at risk.”

On Christmas Eve, 2021, Lillie headed to Winter Wonderland with her boyfriend Jack, her friend Delia and Delia’s boyfriend George.

Debbie warned her not to be back late as she needed help early on Christmas morning.

Lillie got a tube to Morden and then went to the pub, before Charlie – a friend of a friend – offered them a lift home.

“He offered to take them home just a five-minute drive up the road,” said Debbie.

“Lillie, Jack and Delia put their trust in this boy to give them a lift home.”

Charlie “spun out” of the car park and was chased by police who lost sight of the Mercedes about a mile from where Hilton lost control and crashed.

Debbie woke up at 2.15am and noticed that the hallway light was still on so sent Lillie a text before drifting back to sleep.

She was woken up 30 minutes later by a bang on the door.

Debbie said: “I thought it was Lillie. I ran downstairs in my pyjama top shouting that the key is in the flower pot.

“I was annoyed – I didn’t want her to ruin Christmas.

“A man shouted back saying it was the police and I opened the door asking what happened to Lillie.

“They asked me if I was her mother, I thought she had been hit by a train or been in a fight – I was guessing she was locked up in a cell.

“The policeman said she had been involved in a car crash. I said she couldn’t have as she didn’t take her car.

“My son practically fell down the stairs. We were running out of the house in our pyjamas.”

At St George’s Hospital in London, a doctor told Debbie that Lillie had a bleed on the brain.

Debbie said: “I remember screaming. Michael was standing there holding my hand.”

She added: “A doctor came out and held my arm telling me that we have to prepare ourselves for the worst.”

Doctors managed to stop the bleed but scans showed there was no brain function.

On December 28, 2021, doctors said she had organ failure and she died a few hours later.

Debbie said: “They said they wouldn’t touch the machine and she would go herself.

“An hour before she died her face changed, she looked so sad, her eyes were sad.

“She then took her last breath with me, Michael and Donna, her aunt, holding her hand.”

Hilton was jailed on February 10, 2023, at the Old Bailey, London.

In mitigation, Isobel McCarroll said Hilton took full responsibility for his “thoughtless” behaviour.

She said: “He wished he could turn the clock back. He will never forgive himself.”

Hilton was given 10 years and six months in prison and disqualified from driving for five years after his release from prison.

Now, Debbie has launched a campaign – Justice for Lillie – and is campaigning for Lillie’s Law.

Debbie said: “Currently if you kill someone on the road, you don’t get your license taken off you.

“Lillie’s Law will be that a driver’s license is suspended on the day of the crash and then if they are found guilty of death by dangerous driving their license is suspended.

“Charlie will be able to drive in 10 years’ time and that is not right.”

A petition Debbie launched has been signed by 26,678 and Debbie hopes she can one day set up a charity in Lillie’s memory called Eyes Wet Now – to support bereaved parents.

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