Met Officer sacked for lies at All Points East festival

On August 28, 2021, PC Hasnain Awan worked a shift for the police force at the festival in Victoria Park.

He was given a wrist band to enable him to enter the site and perform his duties for the day. 

The following day he was off duty but attended the festival with a friend who is not a police officer. 

Instead of entering through the public gates he went to the festival accreditation desk and lied to staff that he needed a new wristband because his own had been seized as evidence after getting stained with blood. 

He then gave the new wristband to his friend and entered using the wristband he had used the day before, meaning they both entered the festival without paying the £95 entrance fee. 

At 2pm the same day he then tried to gain entry to a backstage area of the festival by showing his warrant card. 

Inspector May-Robinson, who was responsible for policing at the festival, found out about his activities and questioned him. 

PC Awan then tried to mislead Inspector May-Robinson by saying that festival staff knew he was not on shift. 

He later made a full admission and resigned on February 19 this year. 

A Police Misconduct Hearing was held on May 5 at which point PC Awan was found to have committed gross misconduct. 

The panel said: “By his own admission he lied on more than one occasion which the panel has found was for his own self-interest, that he knew exactly what he was doing and given this repeated behaviour is indicative of an attitudinal issue.” 

They added: “He did not make open admissions at an early stage but rather initially sought to create yet another account and justification for his actions which, by his admissions and apologies, demonstrates that this too was a fabrication.” 

The panel said he would have been fired if he had not already resigned. His name will be placed on the Police Barred List. 

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