Met Office predicts Christmas Day weather for London

Whether it’s a stroll through Hyde Park or along the Thames, the fair cloudy weather creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for enjoying the outdoors without the full-fledged chill of winter.

The general overview for Christmas Monday in London is highs of 12 and lows of 7° with the weather expected to be cloudy throughout. Sunrise is at 8.06am and sunset at 3.55pm

The day’s weather breakdown is currently expected to be as follows.

6am: Cloudy – 10 °

9am: Cloudy – 10 °

12pm: Cloudy – 11 °

3pm: Overcast – 10 °

6pm: Cloudy – 10 °

9pm: Cloudy – 9 °

The Met Offices weather statement for over the festive period reads: “The festive period is set to see fairly typical conditions for the time of year, with the winds often fairly strong and from the west or northwest, bringing spells of rain interspersed with cooler and more-showery conditions at times.

“The coldest conditions are always more-likely towards the north, where showers are likely to be wintry at times, with the snow mainly confined to the hills and mountains of Scotland, and perhaps the far north of England at times.

“Conditions further south are likely to be on the mild side occasionally, but perhaps less-so than of late.

“Towards the new year, things don’t look like changing a great deal, though temperatures may fall a little, with some snow perhaps falling to lower levels over Scotland with time.”

It’s a largely showery outlook for the weekend before Christmas across the country, though those further south and east will see fewer showers in general.

Rain will be heaviest in the west and northwest through the weekend, with any wintry showers most likely confined to high ground in northern Scotland.

There are still some uncertainties in the details of the forecast for Christmas Day, Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Chris Almond explained: “On Christmas Day there’s a chance of showers almost anywhere, and across the high ground of Scotland in particular, these could fall as sleet and snow, which would technically make it a White Christmas, as we only need to see a single flake falling.

“However, for the majority of the UK it’s unlikely that we’ll see significant snow, but it will likely feel cold in a strong breeze.

“Beyond Christmas Day a westerly influence on the weather remains the most likely scenario, with further rain or showers and strong winds for many, and again mainly over the hills of Scotland, some sleet and snow is likely, as is often the case in December.

“Further details will be available closer to the time.”

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