London’s skyline set to see massive changes by 2030

The images were released by the City of London Corporation who shared that there was an increase of 15% in planning applications received and decided in comparison to last year.

The AI images of London’s future show 11 new skyscrapers under construction that have been given consent for construction or with a resolution to grant permission for construction.

London’s new buildings will become part of the ‘City Cluster’ area, located in the eastern corner of London’s Square Mile, which already houses many of the capital’s most iconic skyscrapers.

The area also sees an increasing population of city workers, whose ranks have swelled by 29,000 to around 617,000 since 2021.

What could London’s skyline look like by 2030?

The growing number of workers is set to increase by an additional 85,000 jobs by 2040 as City Corporation shared they are negotiating plans that could see more than 500,000 square meters of office space, making it equivalent to around 70 football pitches added to London .

The City of London’s City Plan 2040 showed that the City Cluster is expected to benefit from new pedestrian routes and urban green space, more space for retail and food and drink outlets, as well as more educational, cultural and heritage space to celebrate the capital’s rich history.

Shravan Joshi, Chair of the Planning and Transportation Committee at the City of London Corporation, said the Square Mile’s real estate sector continued to thrive, despite external economic concerns.

“These new CGI images clearly illustrate the ever-changing nature of London’s incredible skyline,” Mr Joshi said.

Richmond and Twickenham Times: Do you like London's new look?Do you like London’s new look? (Image: City of London Corporation)

“It demonstrates that the City office is here to stay, and that the Square Mile’s real estate sector is robust and thriving, despite wider economic concerns.

“Through our flagship ‘Destination City’ policy, we are creating a culturally vibrant, inclusive and welcoming City, enabled in part by these tall towers which help accommodate the hospitality, leisure, social and cultural destinations that are flocking to the City.

“The City Corporation’s strong performance this year is underpinned by the Built Environment team’s efforts to de-risk many of the variables associated with real estate investment.

“This includes providing clear policy directives, working closely with stakeholders and undertaking transparent consultation on schemes.”

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