Latest football transfers, reaction and news conferences

Over the course of the last two months, we’ve seen some really promising young players, Kobbie Mainoo for instance, enter into the team, so when you look into the team or the players available now, you’ve got some very exciting players. Also, Garnacho is only 20, Hojlund is only 20, you’ve got Pellistri there, you’ve got a crop of young players that are promising a lot for the future.

This is an opportunity. When it’s not going in the direction that you were hoping for this season, it is an opportunity to build a team that will do that in the future. Will the leadership go for that? I really, really hope that they are going to look at these players and think “so here is something that in a couple of years can be competitive”.

Over the last 11 years, we’ve tried to buy the big players, tried to spend the big money. We now have a lot of players you can build on and hopefully, in the next couple of months and years, that becomes an investment in the future and not trying to blindly chase that top four position.

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