Jailed in May so far including Met Police officer and rapist

Some of them will spend most of the lives behind bars, others will be out in weeks.

Here’s are the names and faces of south Londoners who judges have put behind bars this month.

Cliff Mitchell

Your Local Guardian: Cliff MitchellCliff Mitchell (Image: Met Police)Former Metropolitan Police officer Cliff Mitchell, 24, from Putney, repeatedly raped a woman and child.

Mitchell was found guilty of 10 counts of rape and three counts of raping a child under 13 relating to two different victims. 

As he was jailed for life with a minimum of 13 years one victim told him: “You disgust me. I hope you suffer for the rest of your life.” 

The other said: “You are a pathetic excuse of a man.” 

During the trial, jurors heard how one of Mitchell’s victims was forced by him to get into his car and only managed to escape by saying she had to get out of the vehicle because she felt sick. 

She was later seen running through traffic by members of the public before a passer-by noticed what was going on and managed to get her in her vehicle. 

In a 999 call played to the court, the distressed woman told the operator “he’s kidnapped me”. 

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Rajenthiram Mithinraj

Your Local Guardian: Rajenthiram MithinrajRajenthiram Mithinraj (Image: Met Police)Rajenthiram Mithinraj, 34, of Bromley Road in Beckenham,  attempted to rape a woman who could “barely walk” due to intoxication in a Travelodge car park.

The incident took place on October 11 last year when delivery driver Mithinraj and friends were drinking in the car park of the South Croydon Travelodge. 

Prior to the attempted rape, a receptionist at the Travelodge phoned police telling them Mithinraj’s group were being very disruptive and were drinking in the street. 

A judge said it was “very unfortunate” that the police were too busy to attend until much later. 

 The victim said both Mithinraj and one of his friends had raped her, and told the court the incident had left her mental health in turmoil. 

A jury acquitted both men of rape but found Mithinraj guilty of attempted rape. 

A judge told Mithinraj: “She was clearly incapable of consenting. You knew that.” 

He was jailed for six years.

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Paul Debenham

Your Local Guardian: Paul DebenhamPaul Debenham (Image: Met Police)Gun-wielding home invader Paul Debenham, 30, pushed over a 76-year-old woman and threatened a 96-year-old woman with a hammer. 

He has now been jailed for 12 years for targeting elderly people in home burglaries in Orpington.

On October 31 last year he forced his way into a house on Spur Road belonging to a 78-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman. 

He pointed a handgun at the man then pushed the woman to the floor before stealing their car. 

Then just two days later, on November 2, Debenham used a brick to smash a glass panel in the back door of a 96-year-old woman’s home on Blenheim Road. 

He then rushed in and started to threaten her with a hammer, demanding she hand over car keys and jewellery. 

Debenham was caught after he left a box containing a bottle of alcohol with his fingerprints on at the Spur Road incident. 

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Danny Lee

Your Local Guardian: Danny LeeDanny Lee (Image: Met Police)Armed robber Danny Lee has been jailed again for drug driving offences.

The 43-year-old is already serving a six year prison sentence after he stuck up a newsagents on Shawbrooke Road in Eltham on December 10 last year, holding a gun at the shop worker and demanding money.

CCTV footage showed Lee pointing the gun at the victim’s head and assaulting him with the butt of the gun several times, causing minor injuries to his head. 

Now Lee has been given a further 9 weeks to serve after an incident on November 12 last year.

Lee had been driving Subaru Levorg car on Woolacombe Road in Kidbrooke when he failed to stop for a police officer.  

He was later found to be unfit to drive through drugs. 

He was handed a 3 years and 11 month driving disqualification alongside the nine week prison sentence.

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Joel Henry

Your Local Guardian: Joel HenryJoel Henry (Image: Sussex Police)

Joel Henry, 40, of Lakeview Road in West Norwood, made the 60-mile journey from West Norwood to Hastings each day to deal drugs.

He was arrested in St Leonards on November 8 last year where he was carrying a burner-style phone. 

Data showed that each day he had been travelling from his home to Hastings to deal crack cocaine and heroin.   

He had used the phone to send bulk messages advertising drugs. 

Henry denied being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin, but a jury at Chichester Crown Court found him guilty. 

Henry was jailed for seven years.

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Scott McAndrew

Your Local Guardian: Scott McAndrewScott McAndrew (Image: Surrey Police)

Scott McAndrew, 33, of London Road in Croydon, approached an elderly man from behind and kicked him so hard he smacked face down onto the concrete. 

The thug gave no reason for the attack but police said it seemed he did it for fun. 

The attack took place in Redhill town centre on the afternoon of October 12 last year. 

McAndrew spotted the man, in his 80s, struggling outside a shop. 

The thug put his hood up to avoid being recognised then approached the victim from behind and kicked him. 

McAndrew then fled the scene leaving horrified onlookers calling for help. 

The elderly man was rushed to hospital by ambulance as he had suffered broken ribs. 

When Surrey Police put out a media release asking for the public’s help six people came forward and McAndrew handed himself in. 

He has now been jailed for three years after admitted grievous bodily harm. 

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Harry Owusu-Manu

Your Local Guardian: Harry Owusu-ManuHarry Owusu-Manu (Image: Met Police)Harry Owusu-Manu, 39, torched his pregnant ex-partner’s Battersea flat  while she was inside with her young daughter.

They were treated for smoke inhalation after the attack and the London Fire Brigade later concluded that the fire had been started intentionally by using a doormat.

Detective Constable Megan Gittins said: “It is no exaggeration to say Harry Owusu-Manu made his ex-partner’s life a misery with his behaviour.

“The victim’s home and new baby items including clothes, cot and toys were all destroyed.

“Owusu-Manu refused to accept that she did not want to be in a relationship with him anymore and set about causing her physical and mental harm.

“He began posting derogatory and Islamophobic stories on Instagram but his behaviour soon escalated when he attempted to murder not just his ex-partner but her young daughter and unborn child.”

He was jailed for life with a minimum term of 22 years.

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Michael Wynter

Your Local Guardian: Michael WynterMichael Wynter (Image: Met Police)Michael Wynter, 34, of Crayshaw Road in Brixton, raping a woman while she was asleep or unconscious..

Police described him as an “extreme sexual deviant” after he pleaded guilty to raping a woman in Pinner between 2019 and 2021.

He was jailed for seven years.

Detective Constable Adam Conibeere, who led the investigation, said: “I would like to praise the victim-survivor who handled the entire investigation and court process courageously and I can only hope this outcome will help to provide some comfort and bring the closure she deserves as she tries to move on with her life.

“She showed incredible strength and heroism in coming forward to report the matter after lengthy consideration, due to the fact she did not want anyone else to suffer at the hands of Wynter.”

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Jabbard Mabounda

Your Local Guardian: Jabbard MaboundaJabbard Mabounda (Image: Met Police)Jabbard Mabounda, 31, of Crosby Walk in Brixton, carried out an unprovoked, homophobic attack on two men.

Both men had been waiting for a bus after attending a Black Pride event on August 19 last year when they were attacked.

The 31-year-old was sentenced after police identified him using CCTV following the attack in Brixton Road that left two men with injuries that sent them to hospital.

He was jailed for 12 months.

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Dean Vincent and Reyon Vincent

Your Local Guardian: Dean Vincent and Reyon Vincent Dean Vincent and Reyon Vincent (Image: Met Police)

Dean Vincent, 27, of Battersea Park Road in Battersea, and Reyon Vincent, 28, of St Louis Road in Norwood, for drug dealing and possession of a gun.

On June 30, 2022, officers carried out a drugs warrant on Heyford Avenue in Vauxhall to known “gang member” Dean Vincent.

Only moments before, officers watched Reyon Vincent get out of a minicab with a number of bags and go into the house.

They watched Reyon return to the minicab without the bags, before following and stopping the car.

Reyon was also found to have cannabis and 123 grams of heroin concealed in his waist band.

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As Reyon was detained, officers entered Dean’s address and within a communal cupboard outside his front door, found 369 grams of heroin inside the same bags that they suspected had been dropped off before.

Found in the same cupboard, was a large brown Primark bag containing clothes, where police found a handgun and a revolver under the top layer of clothes – both of these were loaded.

Officers also uncovered around £2,000 worth of cannabis, a large hunting knife and zombie knife and counterfeit cash.

Officers searched the area behind the kitchen kickboards with Dean Vincent’s address and found thirteen rounds of 9mm ammunition and four large blocks of heroin weighing 399 grams.

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