Google reviews’ best and worst north London McDonald’s

According to Google reviews, McDonald’s in north London receive no lower than 3.4 and no higher than 3.9 stars.

While no one outlet stood out as particularly disastrous, customer experiences varied from supremely pleasant to somewhat dissatisfactory.

McDonald’s, Stonegrove, Edgware – 3.9 stars

Harrow Times: The 'best' McDonald's in north London according to Google reviewsThe ‘best’ McDonald’s in north London according to Google reviews (Image: Google Maps)

The ‘best’ McDonald’s in north London is the Edgware McDonald’s, carrying a 3.9-star rating from 2,855 Google reviews.

One reviewer said: “Popped in on the way home from Edgware; the place was nice & clean.

“Helpful, patient & friendly staff.

“We were offered table service which was helpful, didn’t have to wait too long.”

McDonald’s, South Harrow – 3.9 stars

Harrow Times: One of the best maccies in the areaOne of the best maccies in the area (Image: Google Maps)

Matching Edgware’s rating with 3.9 stars, from 2,436 Google reviews, is the South Harrow branch.

Steve Climbs praised the manager and the atmosphere at this branch.

He said: “Very clean. Nice atmosphere. Had a problem with the order. Two items wrong.

“The manager, ‘Lee’, sorted it out immediately; with no question.

“Great helpful staff and manager.”

McDonald’s, Wembley Park – 3.8 stars

Harrow Times: The Wembley Park McDonald's had the most reviews at 4,278The Wembley Park McDonald’s had the most reviews at 4,278 (Image: Google Maps)

The Wembley Park branch also scored fairly high on Google, boasting a 3.8-star rating from a whopping 4,278 reviews.

Though one customer found the order screens a little slow, he praised the branch as the “cleanest McDonald’s I’ve ever been to”.

McDonald’s, Notting Hill Gate – 3.7 stars

Harrow Times: This branch had 3.7 starsThis branch had 3.7 stars (Image: Google Maps)

Bagging 3.7 stars, with 1,997 reviews is the McDonald’s at Notting Hill Gate.

Many praised manager Sophie, with her “amazing” customer service being the highlight of this branch.

Reece Hayes said: “Sophie, the manager I believe, is amazing! One of the nicest people I’ve ever met!

“Food was great and warm too.”

McDonald’s, Chipping Barnet – 3.4 stars

Harrow Times: The Chipping Barnet branch was one of the 'worst' in north LondonThe Chipping Barnet branch was one of the ‘worst’ in north London (Image: Google Maps)

The McDonald’s at Chipping Barnet falls slightly behind with 3.4 stars from 1,102 reviews.

Customer Tony Laker said: “The food is hit and miss.

“Sometimes cold, sometimes sort of warm.”

McDonald’s, Kilburn High Road – 3.4 stars

Harrow Times: The Kilburn branch was the lowest rated in north LondonThe Kilburn branch was the lowest rated in north London (Image: Google Maps)

Also one of the lowest-rated McDonald’s in north London with 3.4 stars is the Kilburn High Road branch, with 2,229 reviews on Google.

One customer was particularly harsh.

Alex Baker said: “We eat a McDonald’s breakfast before starting our surveying. We use them all over the country.

“This was the worst we have experienced.”

Responding to the reviews, a spokesperson from McDonald’s said: “We are proud to serve around four million customers a day in over 1,450 restaurants across the UK & Ireland.

“Our restaurant teams work hard to ensure every customer who orders a McDonald’s has a positive experience, and we’re disappointed to hear of any instances that fall short of our high standards.

“We encourage any customer with a complaint to either speak to a member of the crew in the restaurant or get in touch with our Customer Services Team.”

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