Caught on camera: lorry gets stuck in Ledbury… again

It was pictured in Knapp Lane, Ledbury, earlier today (Friday, July 21), and traffic was backing up behind it.

The incident sparked new calls for something to be done about the number of large vehicles, mostly lorries, that get stuck in the road, which is one of only a few routes in and out of town in the direction of Malvern.

Suggestions included making Knapp Lane a one-way road from The Homend, widening the road, adding new signs further from the town, and even building a bypass.


A previous incident, in which a lorry hit a house, prompted authorities to say they would explore the possibility of improving signs in the area.

Ledbury Town Council said in November it was aware that vehicles that exceed the permitted weight limits “regularly ignore” road signs on the outskirts of Ledbury advising drivers not to enter the town centre.

“Whilst this does not fall under the remit of the town council, we are currently working with the police and highways on ways improved signage could be provided so as to avoid such incidents as this happening in the future,” said a spokesperson.

“We would ask that if you witness ‘artic’ vehicles, or heavy tractors travelling through the town unnecessarily and you are able to get photographic evidence, that you share this with us so that we can work with local companies in making sure their drivers are aware of the rules and avoid the town centre wherever possible.”

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