British Consulate General in Madrid, Spain

British Consulate General in Madrid
Torre Espacio
Paseo de la Castellana 259D


+34 917 146 300

+34 917 146 403

Urgent assistance
If you’re in Madrid, northern or central Spain and you urgently need help from the British Consulate General, call +34 91 714 6300. If you’re in the UK and concerned about a British national in Madrid, northern or central Spain call 020 7008 1500.

Opening hours
Opening hours British Consulate General: Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1.30pm.

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What the embassy cannot do for you
The embassy cannot:
• Help you enter a country, if you don’t have a visa or your passport is not valid.
• Pay any bills or give you money (in very exceptional circumstances, which you’ll have to pay back).
• Make travel arrangements for you, or find you work or accommodation.
• Make business arrangements on your behalf.

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