‘Alarming’ reports of deer poaching in Herefordshire

West Mercia Police said it had received a report of incidents of deer poaching in north Herefordshire.

A deer carcass was said to be found with various injuries.


Police Community Support Officer Adam Westlake said other suspicious activities included lights and the sound of dogs in the early hours of the morning.

Any information about illegal poaching activities can be reported online, via 101 or via 999 in an emergency. He is calling on the farm community to speak out about anything they witness.

“It’s important to note that deer are protected under the Deer Act 1991. It’s illegal to hunt without permission from the landowner, remove carcasses without permission, or use traps. If you witness any illegal poaching activities or have any information, please report it immediately. Let’s work together to protect our wildlife,” said PCSO Westlake.

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